Mar 2019, Foster, Vic

Foster in South Gippsland is the gateway to Wilson’s Promontory National Park but it is more than that. Set amongst rolling hills and verdant dairying country the town itself is a visual treat. Pretty houses with cottage gardens and a town centre planted with annuals and herbs and attractive historical murals. Yes, Foster is well worth turning off the highway for.

A monument to the gold discovery surrounded by flowers and herbs.
A wee bridge over the creek
The town Book Exchange has a nautical flavour and seats to relax.
Bloomin’ petunias
Flowers billow on the footpaths
The iconic Exchange Hotel with its curious dome

3 thoughts on “Foster

  1. Agree – well worth a visit. My most recent memory involves the very pretty creek and lily pond and husband who was sooooo sure our water-loving dog would be obedient and stay with him if she was let off lead………..

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