Load Levellers, why we need them

Load levellers are expensive.

Load levellers are often heavy and awkward to handle.

The caravan dealer said they weren’t required.

My rig is level.

My caravan is lighter than my car’s tow capacity.

So why do we use Load Levellers? (aka Sway Bars). Well whether your car is fitted with towing airbags to level the load or not, your load levellers have another function and that is to stop your van from swaying by giving it two extra anchor points to your vehicle. At some time you will experience severe winds and you will often be passed by large trucks. Gone are the days when caravans held the trucks up, those things are seriously powerful now. And of particular importance is travel in Outback areas where triple and quad road trains are passing you regularly with an enormous swoosh that would dry anyone’s wet hair on a cool morning.

Load Leveller
With load levellers (the black bar and chain fitted either side of the drawbar), caravan sway will be reduced.

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