Mixed emotions in Genoa

Mar 2019, Genoa, Vic

We wake to a glorious sunrise across foggy paddocks, the bellbirds are singing. The forests rise high around us. Moss clings to branches and Autumn is in the air. I cross the old wooden bridge. The town itself is heartbreaking; pub store and roadhouse all closed or boarded up.

Sunrise Genoa, Vic
Moss clings to the gums
Fog hangs in the valleys as the sun lights the old wooden bridge
A feeling of sadness envelops the commercial buildings of town

10 thoughts on “Mixed emotions in Genoa

    1. Certainly in this country there are two factors. The improvement in cars and farms growing larger. To make a decent living the farms need to be larger and these days use less manual labour so when a farmer retires the property often gets taken over by a neighbour. Before long there are less people living in the district and the smaller towns just shrivel up. Meanwhile one town will gradually grow to become the district hub. I guess the same thing has been happening for centuries hence the little signposts with quaint names and nothing left but a ruin or a creek.

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      1. I think this happens everywhere with small businesses and villages being swallowed up by larger ones. Sad to see but not much you can do to stop it.


      2. I do admire the efforts of the small towns that say “No we will not die!” And come up with brilliant and often quirky ways to reinvent themselves. Like Winton in Qld, beef cattle to dinosaurs is quite an historical leap.

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