Looks like we’ve got us a convoy

Mar 2019, somewhere in the south east

IMG-1175 (1)
Toothless on the job

If you haven’t already guessed we’re travelling in convoy. Across Gippsland and up the Sapphire Coast. The usual suspects, ourselves (Ukulele Lady & Woody), El & Elle Prado (Brown Rice Boy), Toothless Johnno & his missus Madam Secretary along with D & R and followed up by H & R in their motorhome, who you’ll note don’t have callsigns. An issue that we must address but not this trip as D & R have had to head for home as D has been felled by a nasty chest infection. When you get sick on the road you really crave your own bed, the real one, back home.

But its Elle that I’ve been worried about this trip, she’s taken to stowing miniature bottles of gin in her bra to save walking back to the van for top ups.

We’re thankful that it isn’t cold as our diesel heater has broken down and Toothless has been helping Woody to identify the source of the problem. It seems that every time I look out the window there’s a pair of legs sticking out from under our van and they’re certainly not Woody’s.

And so, we wander the highways and byways befriending speckled roosters and wild creatures, searching for fresh seafood and judging country baked pies.

And now…Elle’s ferreting around in her bra, looking for yet another bottle of gin and I’m wondering where she keeps the tonic.

Daily Telegraph Sydney Jan 28 1940
Daily Telegraph Sydney Jan 28 1940

Footnote: Thanks to Mick over at Timegents.com for the cartoon as I haven’t been quick enough with a camera.

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