The Aldi 7 speed camp chairs

Recently Aldi had a special on camping equipment. This is an event that happens a couple of times a year and sends even the most frugal of caravanners into a state of excitement. When we started this particular jaunt Toothless and his Missus rocked up with brand new Aldi Adventuridge camp chairs. These chairs have 7 different seating positions which they both took great joy in demonstrating at each happy hour. With these sort of shenanigans is it any wonder Elle stows her gin in her bra?

By the end of the trip Aldi had sold us another four chairs!

20190304-DSC_0102 crop
“Hang on to that gin, this is position 7”

Footnote: Yes, I know the photo is blurry but you try taking a shot like this without laughing!

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