Mar 2019, Gillards Beach near Tathra, NSW

The road into Gillards Beach, NSW

We follow Toothless and his missus in to the Mimosa Rocks National Park, they’ve been here before. There is a sharp almost blind turn off the Tathra Bermagui Road. The dirt road is a little bumpy but otherwise four kms of good surface. We choose a campground large enough for our four vans. There is a large black wallaby munching beside our van oblivious to our shenanigans as we back the van up onto ramps, the ground is unlevel. The sites are grassy and overlook the beach. Although it is windy El Prado decides to light a fire, it blows smoke everywhere. We all move away to shelter from the wind and smoke. El Prado gives up in frustration and throws the last of the wood onto the fire which does little but smoke us out even more. Suddenly the wind drops out and Toothless asks El Prado to put another log on the fire. “I’ve run out of wood!” he moans. The Roos come out to feed and the large Joey who’s been riding around in his mother’s pouch all afternoon with legs akimbo, climbs out to join the others. We watch in silence as the adults teach him to fight. Lessons over he hops back to Mum for a drink and a snooze in her pouch. When it turns cold we have a Dahl curry for dinner and with no TV reception we put on a video and watch Bohemian Rhapsody.

He’s getting a bit big for the pouch
“Now listen to me son.”
A boxing lesson


Now back home to Mum for a snooze


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