Gillards Beach

Mar 2019, Gillards Beach, Mimosa Rocks National Park, NSW

After a cool night with a hottie and dreams of Freddy Mercury we wake to almost total silence. The skies are blue, the sea is flat with just a curl of surf. I walk up the beach through heavy soft sand to the rocks, tall panels of pink and gold.

Kangaroos graze at the top of the dune, a couple of fishermen are setting up their rods. It is easier to walk back through the camps than along the beach. A wattle bird is feasting on banksia cones, even our fat black wallaby is stretching up to his full height to pull a branch down for a nibble.

We breakfast in the sun on the grassy dune watching the young blokes from the next camp swimming and body surfing. Doing the minimal housework is easy here with the throb of the surf as background music. Fairy wrens dance about the drop toilet their tiny legs an amusement while one attends to the call of nature. When I throw toast crumbs out our door a wren is into them like a shot. Huge goannas lope back and forth through the camp, wallabies and kangaroos graze. We read in the shade and walk the beach, sleep and plan where we’ll go next and of course practise the ‘shit shuffle’. You can’t have this much wildlife without roo poo.

Gillards Beach, NSW
A perfect beachside campground
The rocks are quite magical and the sun really brings out the colours
and the patterns
One of many goannas traipsing past
Doin’ the ‘Shit Shuffle’ needs keen eyes and a level of fitness to dodge the roo poo

9 thoughts on “Gillards Beach

    1. It’s a funny thing that. How many times do you look back and say “Gee we should have stayed at that place longer.” Then you find yourself longing to go back to somewhere that’s in the middle of nowhere on the opposite side of the country. That no one else has heard of.

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