Noodling at Grawin Opalfields

May 2016, Near Lightning Ridge, NSW

The Grawin Opalfields is a short drive from Lightning Ridge (about 80kms) and well worth the visit for the pubs and the humour. If you are a fossicker there are public dumps available to noodlers.

Need an explanation? Well the professional opal miners dump their unwanted tailings at a public dump. Amateur fossickers must never trespass on mine sites but they may fossick or noodle at these public dumps. Read the signs carefully and only noodle where it is specifically allowed. Fossickers do find small pieces of opal at these places. I have no patience whatsoever but I did pick up a chunk of rock with a fossil on it that was worthy of a place on the shelf.

Noodlers at work, Grawin Opalfields, NSW

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