Pildappa Rock

Mar 2015, Minnipa, SA

When people say that the Nullarbor is boring and best overwith I know that they haven’t yet seen Pildappa Rock. The breeze whispers around this large granite outcrop giving a feeling of complete tranquility. Climbing it is easy and the views to the horizon of wheatfields and the Gawler Ranges is superb. Freedom camping is available so there’s no need to rush, become one with this mighty mammoth and breath in the splendour.

Pildappa Rock, SA

6 thoughts on “Pildappa Rock

  1. I spent three months working in Minnipa and don’t think I saw more than the town and the track past the Golf Course! Think I need to go back again and check out the surrounds.


  2. We have yet to stop at Pildappa, but have made it to Tcharkuldu Hill just south, a little closer to the highway. I have a fascination with the similar granite rocks in WA’s wheatbelt, fantastic places to camp and roam around. I specially love the rocks with water storage channels built into them.

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