Tiny Footprints

Mar 2019, Genoa, Vic

This little guy is a Tetrapod and this is a life sized sculpture of what he could have looked like. Back in 1971 what is believed to be tetrapod footprints were found in the Genoa River Gorge, Vic. Today you can see a cast of those footprints set in concrete. Similar to salamanders, tetrapods were the first animals to evolve on land. Three sets of tetrapod tracks have been found in this area. The little bloke who left his footprints in the Genoa River would have walked this land 380 million years ago.

Tetrapod, Genoa, Vic
Cast of Tetrapod footprints, top section. Human (grey nomad female) footprints bottom right.

For more information on the Devonian tetrapods in the Genoa region: https://museumsvictoria.com.au/media/4154/67_holland.pdf


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