Up the Guts – Getting down to the nitty gritty

Planning a caravanning trip is exciting, where to go, what to see, how far to drive each day without doing yourself in and then there’s the really important stuff: “Where can we empty the toilet?” Or “How many days can we go without emptying the toilet? Oh shit!” Then there’s, “Where can we fill the water tanks?” And “Where is the next supermarket?” Or even “Do they have supermarkets out there?”

At least Wikicamps makes finding dump points easy.

All of the above depends on whether there are towns where you are going. Then there are the grog shops to think of if you want to toast a desert sunset with something more substantial than a cup of tea.

But, it’s all about priorities isn’t it and when I’m counting how many days we can go without a dump point Woody is usually asking “So, where’s the next coffee roaster?”.

And a big PS: Always remember to check and respect alcohol free areas and local licensing laws.

Dump Point
(Image Source: Wikicamps)Do they have water or don’t they?

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