Follow the Sun, Day 13 – Tannum Sands

Day 13 26/7/2019, Friday Bundaberg to Tannum Sands 16 – 25

It’s a perfect night for sleeping and we wake to birds singing and a warm dry morning.

While we’re eating breakfast there’s a knock on the door. It’s Harry the caretaker, we’ve parked in the wrong spot. Oops, sorry Harry but it’s a bit late now as we’ll be gone in a half hour.

 Nearby Cedars Road drops steeply to a one lane bridge over the Burnett River then upwards through sugar cane farms, macadamias, mangoes, paw paw, zucchini and strawberries. I doubt that most Australians realise how much of our produce comes from the Bundaberg area.


Crossing the Burnett River, west of Bundaberg

We pick up the Bruce Highway again at Gin Gin and continue northwards. Queensland truly is our God botherer state, with signs on gum trees announcing that “God is near”, and “Jesus is returning”. Heavens, who’s that standing behind that palm? Jesus in board shorts, perhaps? I’d better behave.

Is that a bloke behind that tree?

The cattle have now changed to tropical breeds Brahman and Droughtmaster. Big gentle animals with big brown eyes droopy ears. The grass is tall and brown. We have several stops for roadworks and then the turn off to Tannum Sands.

 Just a few kilometres off the highway, Tannum Sands is a collection of bright, modern homes clinging to hills and bordered by ocean, bushland and the Boyne River. Its twin town is Boyne Island just across the bridge.

The Discovery Tannum Sands caravan park is wedged between bush land and the beach, Wild Cattle Creek and Wild Cattle Island. They don’t have a powered site available for us at present but offer 3 days unpowered and 3 days powered. We reckon that we’ve won the jackpot as the unpowered sites are in a swathe of cleared land between the park and the bush. It is blissfully quiet with a resident flock of crazy brush turkeys.

Once we’re comfortably set up we go in search of food and find supermarkets in both Tannum Sands and Boyne Island. The beach parklands stretch for several kilometres and are dotted with gaily painted shelters, bbq’s and artworks.

Wild Cattle Creek and island of the same name, Tannum Sands, Qld

The evening sees the creek busy with families fishing and kids playing amongst the exposed rocks. Rocks that look suspiciously like fallen fossilised trees.

Interesting rock formations

The bushy feeling of this place gives us a dose of first night excitement. We cook a chicken and noodle stir fry and sit outside under the stars. It’s a balmy night and the turkeys are settling in the trees above.

The unpowered section of Discovery Park at Tannum Sands has a bush camp feel

Summary 202kms, water, toilets, showers, Accom $29.70, brush turkeys


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