Follow the Sun, Day 17 – Lake Awoonga

Day 17, 30/7/2019 Tuesday, Tannum Sands, beautiful 27

We pack a picnic lunch and go exploring. It’s 25kms to Lake Awoonga on the other side of the Bruce Highway.

Awoonga is a large expanse of water built to supply Gladstone and stocked with Barramundi and Mangrove Jack among others. On the drive in there are two informative lookouts giving expansive views of the lake and dam wall. On a knoll overlooking the lake there is a grassy caravan park along with several boat ramps and picnic areas. This is a fisherman’s paradise.

Pano Lake Awoonga
Lake Awoonga dam

We select a cute picnic shelter and settle in for lunch. The Gladstone council must be congratulated for their delightful public areas, always the grounds are well maintained, bbqs clean and picnic shelters inviting. Our picnic shelter is suspended over the lake and we share our lunch with 3 cheeky kookaburras while we watch pelicans and cormorants fishing on the lake. The sign is right there are plenty of fish in here.

Seriously cute picnic shelters
Ah the life of a Grey Nomad, never alone at lunch time.
The fishing must be good ‘cos the pelicans are busy

Never tiring of these parks, back at camp I take another walk along the Tannum foreshore. The tide has turned and the creek is filling once more.

We have a fry up for dinner, cooking sausages, eggs and bacon (it must be the fresh air making us hungry). In the camp kitchen/beach shack an ex member of ‘Ol 55’ is belting out nostalgia tunes to the grey nomads. Two braziers are burning and it’s a warm night.

 Summary 0 towing kms, power, water, toilets, showers, Accom $29.70

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