Follow the Sun, Day 18 Tannum Sands

Day 18, 31/7/2019 Wednesday, Tannum Sands, some cloud 25 windy evening

We have a lazy relaxing morning, do a little shopping for curry ingredients and Woody cooks a Thai Green Curry while I walk on the beach.

At happy hour we are joined by a menagerie of peacocks, turkeys, lorikeets and blue faced honeyeaters. The midges have been slowly eating us to death, bite by tiny bite. Our neighbours are all Victorians escaping the cold and Woody refers to the folks behind us as the ‘Wee Wees’ as they do nothing but read and walk to the toilet, a lot. Not that I can complain as my days are filled with walking to the beach, a lot.

After happy hour the Wee Wees get aggro* with each other as they can’t get the motor home awning in. They’ve been here 9 weeks and either they’ve forgotten the routine or it’s clogged with dust. There’s a strong south easterly blowing and a noisy singalong is happening in the Beach Shack, I don’t think I’m old enough for that lot though. And the curry? Delicious!

TV reception is dodgy once more so we dig out a DVD of Secret City and get so glued to the political shenanigans of Canberra and the diplomatic corps that we don’t want to go to bed.

*Aggro – aggressive, cranky and down right annoyed

Green Ant Nest
These neighbours can get aggro too. Green ant nest
Tannum Sands Map
Tannum Sands area. Source Google Maps

Summary 0kms, power, water, toilets, showers, Accom $29.70, loving this little town.

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