Follow the Sun, Day 53 – Minnie Water

Day 53, 4/9/2019 Wednesday Wooli, warm

Woody went off in search of oysters very early this morning…and won. The oyster shed is only open on certain days and he got lucky. He tells me that they are delicious. I’ll believe him, but I’ve had my lifetime’s supply of oysters already. We spend the morning enjoying this delightful park.

Woody is a dab hand at shucking

After lunch we take a short drive over to Minnie Water not knowing what to expect. To explain, these two towns share boundaries with Yuraygir National Park. Wooli has a pub, a general store, a bowls club, a chandlery and an oyster shed. It’s twin town Minnie Water 14kms away at the other end of Lake Hiawatha has a surf club and a licensed general store / café. Minnie Water has a stunning soft white sand beach with rocky outcrops offshore. We find the store and a few houses and expect nothing more, but a street leading uphill reveals ocean views and houses that will no doubt double in value when the highway upgrade brings passing tourists much closer to this coastal gem.

Minne Water, NSW
Reflections on the beach at Minnie Water, NSW

We return to Wooli and compare ocean beaches. To my mind Minnie Water wins. We have a few drinks in the sun at the modern Wooli pub then retreat to our paradise on the river. A glass of wine, a good book and a beautiful sunset over the river. Yep, this is paradise.

Sunset over Wooli Wooli River

 Summary 0kms, power, water, toilets, showers, accom $45, oysters

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