Sick of Poor Radio Reception?

When you’re doing the long hops do you get sick of fiddling with the radio, scanning for a decent radio station with intelligent conversation? Are you done with music? Perhaps in your case the driver and navigator have entirely different tastes. There are only so many Weird Al Yankovic tracks that one can do in a session, let alone Shock Jocks, Pollies and whingeing Ratbags.

Why not give podcasts a try. Download a few when you have wifi available and you’ll be guaranteed of a variety of quality entertainment to listen to whenever you please.

Sorry Weird Al, we love you, we really do.

Shock Jocks, talk back radio hosts who thrive on inciting the ratbags.

Ratbags, eccentric folk.

Pollies, our parliamentary representatives.


10 thoughts on “Sick of Poor Radio Reception?

  1. I can imagine how annoying it must be constantly retuning radios. Podcasts are so much better in those circumstances. I love music so always happy to listen to anything and everything but sometimes it’s good to lose yourself in a serious chatshow or radio debate.


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