Name it?

Dec 2019, Yea, Vic

We stop to buy coffee in Yea, we walk into the empty cafe and place our order. “Name please?” says the barista. It’s really early in the morning, we both look around the empty shop expecting customers to emerge from under tables. OK, he’s a stickler for rules, “Woody”. We wait quietly while he makes our brew then hands us our cups. Both of us are busting to say “Is that for Woody?” but zip our lips till we burst outside laughing.

A week later we order another coffee from the same place. The cafe is holiday busy, but they don’t ask for a name. When it is ready there’s a shout of “Who’s for Soy Latte?” and the crowd parts. So much for rules.

Image by Elias Shariff Falla Mardini from Pixabay


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