The Empty Esky Tour, Day 8 – Broken Creek

We walk around Benalla and do a little shopping.

Last night we had half a dozen camps here for the 60th birthday party on the weekend, but after lunch they really started rolling in. This property would be about 20 acres in size with loads of room for everyone. The weekend visitors are all packed in tightly and Woody is assuming that they prefer not to walk. Our peace has been shattered. Woody is getting anxious because they’re filling their tanks with Doc’s water. There’s a van under our kitchen window and a tent near our back bumper. We eat dinner on board and watch a bit of TV for the first time in a week. We jokingly reckon that we should turn on the diesel heater and give our neighbours a noisy surprise.

Summary Accom: $15 + $2 power donation

Utilities: power in camp kitchen, water at tap, toilets, showers.

Fuel: $0

Kms 0

Our camp before

Our camp after

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