The Empty Esky Tour, Day 12 – Yackandandah

Day 12 Tuesday 3/3/20 Yackandandah, 10 – 29 light cloud

We do a little grocery shopping for dinner as we’ll put on a roast for the Prado’s arrival tonight.

We buy Gumtree pies for lunch and I can’t resist the Lamb and mint sauce pie. These pies are so good that the owner was awarded ‘Yackandandah citizen of the year’.

The Prado’s arrive looking a little worse for wear. El Prado is recovering from a dose of ‘ship flu’ and Elle is sporting a black eye from cataract surgery.

Phil, a mate of Toothless’ drops by for a chat. Toothless roasts a boned leg of lamb on the bbq and I roast the veggies in our oven. I’ve never used the fan forced feature on this oven and it does a great job. While the smell of a roast wafts, King parrots feast on a Japanese maple and Phil regales us with tales of his rather colourful life.

Not to be outdone, Toothless tells us of the time that he went camping alone in the high country up around Dargo. Camped under the stars and having had a refreshing dip he realised that he’d left his towel at home. We’re scarred by the thought of him, by the fire, dabbing himself dry with a tea towel.

With wet weather forecast we decide to extend our stay in Yackandandah.


Accom $35

Utilities: power, water, toilets, showers

Fuel: $0

Towing kms: 0

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