The Empty Esky Tour, Day 11 – Yackandandah

Day 11 Monday 2/3/20 Yackandandah, sunny 28

Woody drives into Albury to do some shopping, I say shopping as he went for beer and came back with two new shirts. I meet my old school friend C for morning tea at the local Beechworth Bakery. We sit at a table on the footpath with school memorabilia scattered about, pouring over photos and lists of names. It’s warm and quiet and delightful. Dappled sunlight, birds singing and a thousand memories.

Toothless and his missus Madam Secretary arrive as I stroll back into the park. Our site is particularly narrow but as we’ve booked the two sites next to us for our mates we don’t worry that our awning is extended a little too far. Toothless reverses in, cursing the idiot whose awning is hanging over his site.

We spend the afternoon wandering the town and chatting in the sun.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget how hard life once was. Madam Secretary’s grandparents ran the post office in Yackandandah. Her grandmother died giving birth to her mother. Her grandfather remarried some time later and his second wife also died in childbirth.

As I write this Missy, the neighbours cat is chasing a rat under our van and I can hear a lot of “Ew, erk.”

That’s different.


Accom $35

Utilities: power, water, toilets, showers

Fuel: $74.15

Towing kms: 0

Cleaning the roof hatch
The Post Office, Yackandandah, VIC. Where Madam Secretary’s grandparents lived and worked.
A pink sunset jet stream

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