The Empty Esky Tour, Day 14 – Yack

Day 14, Thursday 5/3/20, Yackandandah, heavy rain 16-21

Gum boot time. The rain thumps down all night. Apparently, this is the tail of west coast Cyclone Esther. Both creeks in the park are running high and the park manager tells us that we’ve dodged a bullet as the innocent, but flood prone Commissioner’s Creek will peak about a foot below its banks.

Lyn invites us to morning tea as she is baking scones. She and Phil regale us with tales of their past lives as publicans and it is a laugh a minute. Did you hear the one about the publican firing blanks at the rowdy blokes in the bar while the cook was chasing live yabbies’ around the kitchen floor? No. Well the visiting Pommie houseguests didn’t stick around either.

We dash through the rain to pick up a few bits and pieces from the local supermarket and discover that the feared shortage of toilet rolls has hit Yack as well. Everyone is clutching a brollie and a pack of toilet rolls. Trying to comprehend the logic we fall into Gumtree Pies for a heartwarming pie. Let’s hope that the world doesn’t run out of these tasty morsels.

Mid-afternoon the weather shows signs of easing. We later hear that the region had 180mm in 48 hours, that’s a lot for Victoria, we normally get rain in misty sprinkles not downpours. We take our goodies over to the camp kitchen and the boys light a roaring fire. Within minutes the air is warm and dry, and we all feel much cheerier. We reheat our (even better the next night) pub leftovers and chat with Jayco Caravan Club members who are here for a muster.


Accom $35

Utilities: power, water, toilets, showers

Fuel: $0

Towing kms: 0

 Brollie – umbrella

Yay puddles, we don’t see too many these days.
Commissioner’s Creek was ugly and stagnant when we arrived. You can see that it got a good flush out.
Yackandandah Creek

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