Go West, Day 12 – Kalgoorlie Boulder

Day 12

Wednesday 18th March 2015

Fraser Range to Kalgoorlie Boulder

It is a warm clear morning. On our way out of Fraser Range Station we see a large emu. Although it is a sheep station the only other visible livestock is a pen full of chooks and a lonely bleating goat.

The road to Norseman is beautiful as it is lined with bushland of Salmon Gums that have bronze trunks that glow in the morning light. Norseman is clean and spacious with the kind of easy turning wide streets that caravanners love. The town was named after a horse called Norseman who was clever enough to paw up a nugget of gold and thus cause a gold rush. On the main street there is a whimsical corrugated iron artwork honouring the work of the camels of the past.

Street art in Norseman, WA

Leaving the Eyre Highway we turn north passing a huge salt lake, Lake Cowan. It is with great excitement that we enter the twin towns of Kalgoorlie Boulder. We ditch the van and the Ollies at Discovery Park Boulder, they must think we’re mad, and race into town. It is 40 years since we were last here and we vowed to return and see it properly. It is a hot 35 degrees and windy.

Exchange Hotel, Kalgoorlie. They really know how to build a hotel in this town.
20150318-DSC_0242 crop
The shoe shops must have known that Woody was coming.

Hannan Street has some beautiful buildings and many hotels. There were once eighty of them and there are still dozens. I can’t help but wonder which was the favourite of Woody’s maternal Great Grandfather Michael Flynn who came here as a miner in 1907. I’ll bet you didn’t know Woody was part Irish. Hannan Street has wide verandahs and the footpaths are inlaid with a pretty stone pattern. We eventually find the Ollies and enjoy a coldie in the York hotel before expiring from the heat. Being a grey nomad can really do you in.

York Hotel, Kalgoorlie, WA

Accom: $35.10

Travelling Kms: 286Kms

Note: Our previous trip was in the sweltering summer heat of 1975. Our vehicle of choice back then was a Mini Moke Californian, with a canvas roof of bright yellow daisies and an esky full of cold beer on the back floor.

Go West Kal
Map Source: WikiCamps

9 thoughts on “Go West, Day 12 – Kalgoorlie Boulder

    1. Thanks M you too. Some days you just want to bury your head in the sand with what’s going on but we can be so grateful for the blogging community for keeping us sane. Definitely keep WA on the list, it is truly unique and the best spots are really only accessible to campers.

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  1. My Son in Law has a Mini Moke Californian and I wouldn’t go further than the local shop in it, I love the fuel tank right next to where you sit.


    1. Yes safety wasn’t high on the list of considerations when they built them. I once fried an egg on the floor…we were working for a poultry company, got cheap eggs, one bounced out of the tray and unbeknown to me quietly and slowly cooked itself under the seat. Bet you couldn’t do that in a Volvo!


  2. Those hotels look incredible. Bet the bars were great and the beer welcoming. Still not convinced that you aren’t making up names for places though!


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