Go West, Day 13 – Kalgoorlie Boulder

Day 13

Thursday 19th March 2015

Kalgoorlie Boulder

The Ollies take an early morning flight over the Super Pit, open cut gold mine and arrive back raving about it. We then take a walk through the Kalgoorlie Town Hall which once hosted Dame Nellie Melba. It is a grand building and the upstairs seating is made from cast iron with plush velvet cushioning, oh so comfy.

Kalgoorlie Town Hall

We visit the museum and partake of the famous brothel tour on Hay Street. The stories hold us all spellbound. It’s Fifty Shades of Grey +++. We chuckle afterwards when we notice that the EFTPOS dockets are entitled C & G Mobile Mechanic. Well I guess they do perform servicing!

Not quite Amsterdam, but in a town that once boasted a street of brothels this tour is a must.

We finish the day in beautiful old Boulder. The charming old buildings of Boulder were damaged by a severe earthquake in 2010 and are still being repaired. The Metropole Hotel has a gold mine below the bar floor which you can view through Perspex. Now that is a gimmick that’s hard to top.

In this city of pubs each one has a chalk board out front advertising the “skimpy” of the day. A skimpy is a scantily clad barmaid and today’s skimpy at The Metropole is Ebony Rose, good on ya luv.

Accom: $35.10

Travelling Kms: 0

8 thoughts on “Go West, Day 13 – Kalgoorlie Boulder

  1. I like your posts about Kalgoorlie Boulder. We spent a few months in Kalgoorlie years ago, and it’s good to be reminded of the fine architecture etc. Plenty has changed since we were there, but it’s good to see such cultural icons as the skimpies are still going strong!


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