Go West, Day 16 – Esperance

Day 16

Sunday 22nd March 2015 Windy, cold


It rained overnight and it is cool and windy, though I believe this town is known for its capricious weather. The Ollies have set out on a reconnaissance of Cape Le Grand National Park as we have heard some horror stories about the difficulty of getting a site there.

The Nikon is acting up at present and the wind is so strong that I can’t hold the iPad up to take a photo. Pity the seagulls here. The surf beaches look so clean and white one can only be reminded of Surf soap powder commercials of days gone by.

We visit the pink lake but it is white at present. Apparently the little organisms that change colour only react to certain weather conditions and cold and windy isn’t on their agenda. The strong winds eventually drive us into the warmth and shelter of the Pier Hotel and a fine lunch it is.

Accom: $40.50

Travelling Kms: 0

The not so pink lake at Esperance, WA

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