Go West, Day 85 – Broome

Day 85

Saturday 30th May 2015, warm yet again


We meet a friend for breakfast on the verandah at Matso’s Brewery. She and her partner have been living in Broome for some time so it’s delightful to hear about Broome through the eyes of a local. As can be imagined we have a lot of laughs about life in the north, the crazy work we’ve all done in past lives and our travels. It was a great breakfast too! Heaven knows where we’ll catch her next time.

We wander off chuckling to do a crawl around the colourful Courthouse Markets. We spend too much on trinkets but the Hidden Valley soap will make Priscilla smell like a resort on wheels.

Who’s giving the readings, surely not the Corella?

The arvo finds us at the Cable Beach Club Sunset Bar and the cocktails are delicious. So delicious in fact that I’m soon seeing green frogs on bar stools and camels. Thank goodness Woody is driving.

Cable Beach Club, Sunset Bar where green frogs are regulars …
…and camels too

The Ollies go off to the Broome Cup and wander home looking worse for wear but declaring that they broke even thanks to Shirley’s betting by name rather than form.

Accom: $41.58

Travelling Kms: 0

Note: One of the benefits of caravanning is catching up with friends and relations in exotic locations.

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