Go West, Day 87 – Broome

Day 87

Monday 1st June 2015, 33 degrees


The Ollies took off this morning as they’ll be heading towards Katherine and the Queensland coast. Shirley was personally farewelled by a large green frog sitting in the toilet bowl.

We drive out to the Willie Creek pearl farm. We learn how to seed pearl oysters and identify shell diseases. Heavens will we ever be able to use all this new-found knowledge? They put us on a barge and send us ‘up the creek’ and of all of what we see the most amazing is the water colour. It is an incredible blue in these parts.

Yet another use for Chux wipes, pearl seeding
Willie Creek Pearl Farm
‘Just back ‘er up mate’. Is it any wonder they lose a lot of cars to the tides.
Willie Creek Pearl Farm, Broome, WA

As we sit chatting at sundown I ask our neighbour if we are too noisy. “Oh no” she says “anyway nothing would wake him. I once went to hospital for four hours, on a drip, came back and he didn’t even wake”.

Accom: $41.58

Travelling Kms:0

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