Go West, Day 86 – Broome

Day 86

Sunday 31st May 2015, warm, thirty something


A kangaroo watches us from a distance as we hang out the washing. We’ve heard rumors that Cable Beach was closed the other day because of a lurking shark. Town Beach was also closed because a small crocodile was sighted. Just trouble in paradise.

If dear readers, you are wondering what else we do whilst in this charming laid back town, well a park based caravanner’s life is a busy one. It takes one two minutes to clean the shower each day. Three minutes to sweep the floor, five if I’m washing it and then there’s reading the newspapers, kindle books and anything else electronic, Facebook, emails etc. Then there’s park watching which encompasses saying G’day to all who pass by, watching vans arrive and leave and checking out their attributes “ooh that’s a big one” and “how does he tow that with that old thing”. Of course, when the weather is as warm as it is here the pool must be checked often which gives us our exercise. That and visiting the ablutions block. Even if your van has a bathroom most folks adhere to the rule that your own dunny should only be used for ‘number ones at night’. So if you get a van site that is a long way from the bathrooms you feel noticeably fitter after a week of walking back and forth. And then there’s Happy Hour.

After a day of typical caravan stuff as outlined above, we put on our glad rags and meet M and C at their park in Cable Beach. We trot across the road to Diver’s Tavern to see a performance by Louise Egan called ‘Start Ya Bastard’. Louise from Albury is on tour with her extended family in tow and the Ollies have been camped beside them at several parks on the way up. A protege of Kevin Bloody Wilson, Louise puts on quite a blue show. What a talented young woman she is. Thus, after nibbles at the caravan park, a plate of fish that we could barely jump over and the show we are looking a little bleary. M mouths “BED” and we all nod eagerly. After all it is 10:30!

Accom: $41.58

Travelling Kms: 0

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