Banned on the Run, Day 6 – 16 – Covid Dining

June 2020, Nambucca Heads, NSW

Dinner at the RSL

At 6pm we are picked up out front by the RSL courtesy bus (just us) and ferried to the club. Our temperature is checked, our hands are sanitised and we are shown to our well distanced table. Being in a very large building they are allowed 250 patrons and yet it seems much quieter than it has in the past. Or should I say pre Covid. We have the local specialty Black Fish or Luderick in a macadamia crust followed by walnut crepes. I can’t remember the last time I had a dessert but it is delicious. Patrick the bus driver drops us off just as the rain starts falling. It is a novelty to be behaving almost normal again but we are impressed by how well the club is handling ‘the new normal’.

Back home, the army has been called in to help quash the latest Melbourne Covid outbreak.

Macksville Pub

Our RSL driver had recommended that we try the revamped Macksville Hotel for a meal. We aren’t disappointed, in fact we leave raving. The lunch menu has a Mexican flavour, Schnitz with nachos, Chipotle burger and the not so Mexican pork belly and Asian salad with 3 large pieces topped with crunchy crackling. We sit in a sunny glass in courtyard soaking up the warm sun.

We return to happy hour in a quiet camp kitchen but we are feeling like a bunch of refugees. Especially when the NSW premier announces on the TV “I urge you not to do business with Melburnians.”

The Macksville Hotel

7 thoughts on “Banned on the Run, Day 6 – 16 – Covid Dining

  1. The rivalry between SA & Vic. has always seemed to me to be only about football but some of the stuff that’s going on now is unpleasant. I hope you don’t have to face any nastiness, as the song says, “there but for fortune go you or I”.


  2. Tough times for everyone especially in Victoria as it seems to be experiencing a spike in cases. Nice to hear that you can get out for some semi-normal socialising though. I think most people are trying to do the right thing.

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