Banned on the Run, Days 23 – 25 – Moon over Moonee

July 2020, Moonee Beach, NSW

VeeWee takes the RV into Coffs to get the TV aerial fixed.

Bats chatter in the trees at night.

The lorikeets shriek and continue to poop on our cars. A nearby gumtree constantly drops tiny hairlike pink flowers so small that the breeze pushes them through the flywire screens. The van roof is a delicate shade of pink.

The roof hatch is covered in tiny pink tendrils

We drive north to Red Rock where the Corindi River meets the ocean with a red rocky headland. There is a pretty beachside caravan park tucked in behind the dunes. The park has a comfy family beach holiday feel.

Corindi caravan park just to the south is more modern with neat grassed sites but more exposure to the wind.

Red Rock Beach, NSW
Waiting to play ball, Red Rock Beach

Back home there are 66 new Covid cases flushed out from 3000 tests in the hotspots. There have been 150,000 tests this week.

The high rise Housing Commission towers in Flemington and North Melbourne have gone into total lockdown.

Our neighbour receives a text from her proposed caravan park in Hervey Bay stating Queensland’s new rules which imply that only Victorians who have been outside of Victoria for 14 days can enter QLD. Tick. And that QLD caravan parks are not to admit Victorians, shit!

A super moon over Moonee Beach

8 thoughts on “Banned on the Run, Days 23 – 25 – Moon over Moonee

  1. Beach looks fabulous but not being able to book in Queensland is a blow isn’t it? Same the world over currently with travel restrictions and new border controls. The world is changing.


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