Banned on the Run, Day 29 – Alstonville

Day 29 Thursday 9/7/20 Alstonville, cloud, some drizzle 18

A little sunshine makes the world rosy again.

Our phones are running hot. Where are we? Will we make it into QLD? How will we go about it? Is the entry form online yet or do we fill one out at the border? The government website hasn’t been updated yet. Then we get a call from our mate R, his government contact has phoned him, “The border will be closed to all Victorians”!

In a way it is a relief. We hastily meet, check WikiCamps and decide on trying for sites at Evans Head on the nearby coast. We are asked if we are Victorians, how long we’ve been out of the state and if we have any flu symptoms. As I answer “No”, Elle breaks into a loud coughing fit! With a bit of consideration and shuffling we manage to get 6 nights accommodation. We then try Wooli and are asked the same questions, this time thankfully without the sound effects from Elle. I ask if we can have a week or two and the girl suggests that we should take two as the second week is free. Free! A stunning riverfront caravan park for $20.50 per night. Naturally, I book it. The others look on querulously as I wave my arms in excitement. All is not lost we’ll wander down the coast doing a week or two here or there at places less popular with the multitudes and hopefully Covid safer.

The worry lifted we drive into Lismore for a scrumptious duck and mushroom pie from the famous Lismore Pie Cart. VeeWee buys warm pyjamas as we won’t be going to Queensland!

Accom: $25.00

Travelling Kms: 0

Alstonville Showgrounds, nowhere near as busy as the rumour mill would suggest

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