Banned on the Run, Day 31 – Evans Head

Day 31 Saturday 11/7/20 Evans Head, sunny 25

A warming night and a nice sleep in. It’s Woody’s birthday on Tuesday so on the pretense of a walk on the beach I slip away and order a cake from the Wurlitzer Bakery. I then take the river walk past the flying fox colony and out along the breakwater returning along the beach to the caravan park where I discover a panicked Woody. He’s been checking the bank account and noticed a transaction from a shop he’d walked past earlier in the morning. Suspecting some kind of electronic fraud he immediately rang the bank. They did mention that perhaps he should speak with the other cardholder, his wife. So much for the birthday surprise.

Being school holidays the river side of the park is busy and people are swimming, fishing and surfing.

Elle isn’t well having damaged her throat while munching her way through her latest culinary delight a cherry pie.

We notice water dripping from the front of the van. I hope we haven’t developed a leak after all the rain at Alstonville.

Our mates R & T cross into Queensland and make a dash for Hervey Bay.

Flying Foxes, Evans Head
The entrance at Evans Head

6 thoughts on “Banned on the Run, Day 31 – Evans Head

  1. As we still struggle with the battery in our camper trailer I can’t help but think life was so much simpler when we only had a tent. No power systems to play up, no pipes to leak BUT I don’t really fancy going back to a truly basic shelter. Hope your water problem evaporates.


  2. Evans Head looks fabulous. Difficult to surprise each other when you live so closely and use the same bank isn’t it? We have exactly the same issues.


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