Banned on the Run, Days 32 – 36 – The bowler’s end

July 2020, Evans Head, NSW

This is the last week of school holidays which have stretched to three weeks as two states overlap. Thus, the busyness continues but it is quiet in our section of the park which is the ‘bowlers end’ being near the Bowls Club or Bowlo as they are known up here and thus the favourite of the oldies. There are quite a few empty sites, probably caused by many choosing to stay home this year or being in lockdown. Cabins occupied by young families are full.

Surf beach, Evans Head, NSW

The river walk is a chance to view the flying foxes up close and on the surf beach there is a smelly dead globe fish. Surfers seem to be disregarding the swimming warnings. A young man was taken by a shark at Wooli recently.

Dead globefish, they’re not the most attractive fish are they?
Flying Fox colony beside the Evans River, Elle hates bats with a passion and on this trip they seem to be following us.

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