Banned on the Run, Days 32 – 36 – When water is a problem

July 2020, Evans Head, NSW

We cooked fried rice and when crawling under the bed to put the rice cooker away (an essential on every caravan) I noticed water pooling under the hot water service. Funny, earlier we’d noticed water dripping from the front of the van and thought it must be a consequence of the Alstonville rain. Anyway, we dried it up, mounted the controller circuit board above the damp on an upturned mushroom carton and decided to check things out in daylight the next day. Why anyone would place a circuit board on the floor defies logic and we expensively swamped one of these a few years ago in Dongara, WA when a hot water fitting burst. Let’s hope that the mushroom box will help.

Behind the surf and below Razorback lookout, Evans Head

An Update

Double or Nuthin’ and Shirley Temple are now in Tamworth. Their mate Tiki was refused entry to Evans Head caravan park. Why? For being a Victorian we’re told. I guess that makes our wad of receipts even more precious.

Melbourne cases are growing, Sydney’s cases are on the move too. As you can imagine we wait anxiously for the ping of breaking news each morning at 11:00.

South of the entrance, Evans Head, NSW

9 thoughts on “Banned on the Run, Days 32 – 36 – When water is a problem

  1. There’s a degree of madness with the borders. I’m positive it’s for purely financial gain but SA is considering allowing in flights of OS students yet Victorians from isolated SA communities aren’t allowed in! Where’s the biggest danger likely to come from?


  2. It does seem to be on the rise again in your neck of the woods, lets hope it’s only small isolated outbreaks and not an indication of something bigger. Worrying times for everyone.


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