Banned on the Run, Day 37 – Wooli

Day 37 Friday 17/7/20 Evans Head to Wooli, sunny 21

When we arrived here at Evans Head this site was difficult to get into because the front of the site was on a steep slope. As we had anticipated it is also hard to hook the van up as it is much higher than the car’s tow bar. Woody tackles it from a sharp angle and gets the van on the tow bar but we can’t get the jack unhooked. El Prado puts his Trailermate jack under the drawbar and they eventually get enough height to get the jack free.

The drive to Wooli switches back and forth from old road to new highway totally confusing the GPS but a delightful drive through sugar cane farms and we finally get to drive on the new Yamba Bridge over the Clarence River. It’s been three years since we first saw this bridge under construction.

Clarence River bridge near Yamba, NSW

The Solitary Islands Resort at Wooli has three large sites at the rear of the park backing onto a mangrove creek. There are neat palm fringed gardens and enough birds to keep us amused for hours. Ibis, brush turkeys, black cockatoos, willie wagtails, fairy wrens and on the Wooli River, pelicans, seagulls and cormorants.

With three vans we have loads of space at Solitary Islands

We drive into what we call ‘Old’ Wooli for a quick look around the quirky old beach shacks that straddle the narrow isthmus. One wonders whether council permission was ever sought for some of these shacks as many look as though they have been designed and built over a few cold beers when the weather wasn’t right for fishing others are positively inviting. It doesn’t really matter because its all about the location and boy they’ve got that in spades.

Accom: $41.00

Travelling Kms: 124kms

Prime position overlooking the ocean beach at Wooli, NSW


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