Banned on the Run, Days 37 – 50 – When life is just a box of fluffy ducks

July 2020, Wooli, NSW

While lolling about at Wooli we’ve read in WikiCamps that the pies are good at Minnie Water so we pop on over. The tiny town is jumping and the only shop, the general store is the reason.

Adhering to Covid rules we sit outside clutching palm sized puff pastry bundles filled with Japanese chicken curry. Beside us is the swampy Melaleuca bush land of the National Park. Butcher birds dart about our feet cleverly catching our pie crumbs. In front of us a view of turquoise sea breaking on the beach and behind us a flock of baby ducklings squeeze through the gate to waddle in the sun. The mood of the day can only be described as ‘A box of fluffy ducks’.

The General Store at Minnie Water overlooks the surf beach and boy its jumping
General Store at Minnie Water
Surf Beach, Minnie Water, NSW
Our lunch is watched over by a handsome Butcher bird
and we’re joined by a flock of fluffy ducks

Note of explanation: These two tiny villages are ringed by the Yuraygir National Park and are 14Kms apart by road. Wooli has a pub, a general store and a butcher who comes a couple of days a week. Whereas Minnie Water has a rather upmarket general store that makes a decent coffee.

Wooli to Minnie Water with Lake Hiawatha in between
Map Source: Google Maps

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