Banned on the Run, Day 51 – Wooli to Evans Head

Day 51 Friday 31/7/20 Wooli to Evans Head, cool

I’ll miss the little tree hopper bird with the loud cheep cheep that wakes us every morning. I won’t miss the ‘carry you away’ mozzies in the creek behind us.

Our GPS is confused again, it’s the Pacific Highway roadworks north of Yamba that are doing her in. She constantly tells us to drive in the right hand lane, but we won’t as that’s the lane currently being used for southbound traffic. Apparently it’s not only our GPS that has the problem as a neon sign beside the highway declares “Ignore GPS” we don’t need any prompting thanks guys.

Back in Evans Head and like the last time the sites are difficult to get into. They are sloping and El Prado bends his Trailermate jack when it slips on the dolly wheel. Thankfully a neighbour comes to the rescue with a spare jack to take up the strain. With four blokes and Elle warning “Watch your hands and feet” there’s a bang and Woody gets hit on the head. An egg quickly pops up on his forehead making it look much worse than it is.

We nip over to the Friday Market and buy more veggies and a tub of smoked garlic cloves. It’s cold and jumper weather. C and L are here too, you know the ones, Elle and El’s mates who camped beside us for a few days in Wooli. We meet them for happy hour in the camp kitchen, where El Prado misjudges the seating and falls off the bench seat onto Elle’s shoulder. We get a phone call from Toothless and his Missus who are in lockdown back in Melbourne, we recount the injuries of the day and the boys are quickly referred to as Tweedledum and Tweedledee.

Accom $36.71

Travelling Kms: 124Kms

Evans Head, NSW

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