Banned on the Run, Days 52 – 55 – Off the Radar

August 2020, Evans Head, NSW

Woody’s hearing is getting worse.

C & L bid their farewells, with forms completed they’re off to Coolum, QLD.

We laze in the sun and have haircuts in town. Everything is so close here. We really don’t need the car. Woody’s brother, Woody the Elder and his wife The Very Good Golfer have booked the cabin behind us, they’ll come down from Qld for the weekend. We’d better dig his dim sims* out of the freezer.

C & L report that they crossed the Qld border in minutes without any problems.

Victoria declares a state of emergency and stage 4 lockdown. The death toll continues to rise.

The NSW Premier urges that we wear masks in supermarkets.

A fellow camper drives past us, sees our registration plates and calls out “Bet you’re glad you’re out of Victoria”.

We can feel comforted in the knowledge that the nearest Covid cases to Evans Head are up in the Byron Shire. But for how long? At least this place is not on the radar for the ‘fly in’ holiday folk.

No mask required for this little guy outside the supermarket

*Every year when heading north we pack Tai Wah dim sims in the freezer for Woody the Elder, a little taste of home. Sometimes those dim sims travel a very long way before we eventually meet up.

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