Banned on the Run, Day 58 – Blonding up again

Day 58 Friday 7/8/20 Evans Head, overcast storm brewing, cold wet

The park empties a little as Queenslanders high tail it for home before the border closes. We wake to a hot morning and heavy cloud but by 9:00am it’s chilly. Rain is forecast for the afternoon. I escape to walk on the beach while Woody cooks kidneys for breakfast.

The rain starts mid morning. With little to do outdoors I colour my hair then we go to the RSL for lunch. Thankfully, we take the car as it is thumping down by the time we leave.

We don coats and brollies to go to the farmers market only to find one lonely fruiterer. We return to an afternoon of hibernation, books and internet.

The Prado TV is on the blink again!

Shame about the selfie but who says you can’t colour your hair in a caravan!

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