Banned on the Run, Day 57 – Ear origami and a curious hat rack

Day 57 Thursday 6/8/20 Evans Head, warm and sunny with a cool breeze

Woody’s hearing is really bad now. We wait in the sun outside the clinic for a 9:00am appointment. It is an old weatherboard building hastily modified to Covid requirements. A long ramp stretches up to a window behind which the receptionist sits, we keep well away as we explain that ‘No’ we don’t have flu symptoms, ‘Yes’ we are Victorian and ‘No’, we haven’t been in any large groups lately*. At the front of the clinic there is an airy old veranda with masked patients sitting waiting, it is indeed a lovely spot and would once have been a charming home.

The doc gives us the bad news that Woody will always have wax problems because of his ‘surfer’s ear’ condition. He shows us his ‘origami’ method of creating a soft cotton bud from a tissue and sends us on our way.

I Reckon Woody would like to use the clinic hat rack on his ears!

VeeWee and I take little Nic for a walk along Aircraft Beach. Nic ends up looking like a drowned rat wrapped in a big beach towel.

*Some Sydney cases have been the result of large gatherings. Little did we realise back in January when we watched the anxious face of the New South Wales Premier as she led the state through the bushfire crisis that we too would soon be putting our lives in her hands.

Evans Head, NSW

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