Banned on the Run, Days 67 & 68 – Life’s a breeze in Coraki

Days 67 & 68 sunny and breezy

August 2020, Coraki, NSW

Our loud mouthed neighbours kept the Prado’s awake and of course they’re not just loud but crude. What is it about this trip that we’ve attracted so many rude people? Thankfully, the residents of Coraki continue to be welcoming and friendly and they provide Lismore pies at the bakery (Lismore pies rank very highly on our pie chart).

Each night we’ve wondered about the flashing lights on the modern concrete bridge thinking they were some kind of navigation lights. This morning dawned bright and clear and I walked up onto the bridge for a photo only to find that the lights are a memorial to a young teen who lost his life. The lights are wrapped along the bridge railing.

The loud mouths move sites again! This time to the far end of the park when the Ballina RVers leave. What a blessing.

Jet skis ply the river, it is Sunday and the river sparkles.

Woody cooks a piece of silverside with a cheese and mustard sauce. We all have dinner outside under the awning with a small heater going to keep our tootsies warm.

Coraki Caravan Park from the bridge

An early morning walk reveals that this little town has a plumbing business with 17 vehicles, Mid Richmond Plumbing. That makes sense as Coraki is conveniently located between Casino, Lismore and Woodburn. Walking down a back lane I find an Australasian Figbird in a banana palm.

It’s another perfect day and we alternate between sitting in the sun, walking the town and playing ball with little Nic.

El Prado lights the fire early, bloody early, he reckons he wants the coals to build. There isn’t a puff of wind and as we watch the reflections and sunset the cane burning commences and is reflected in the river.

Good heavens, he’s lighting the bloody fire again!
…but who can complain with a view like this to ponder? Evening on the Richmond River, Coraki, NSW

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