Banned on the Run, Day 72 – Nuts!

Day 72 Friday 21/8/20 Coraki, sunny

Another glorious morning with the sun making sparkles on the river.

Parked under a Moreton Bay Fig, Elle has been complaining that the possums have been dropping their nuts on the roof.

Being Friday, all of the powered sites here have now been taken. A couple of camper trailers arrive swearing that they’ve booked powered sites with the council. On the other hand, the publican who takes the payments, doesn’t take phone bookings. It appears that someone is on the wrong page.

We get a text message from NRMA Darlington Beach:

 “Information regarding your upcoming stay at NRMA Darlington Beach Holiday Resort. Based on the information you supplied on booking, it appears you may reside within a Victorian Government identified ‘Stay at Home’ restriction area (HTTPS:/ If this is the case, you will not be able to travel to our parks at this time. Please simply reply to this SMS or phone us on xxx if you’re no longer able to travel. No cancellation or change fees apply. NRMA Parks and Resort Team.”

Thankfully, all it takes is a quick call to explain that we’ve been in NSW for over 70 days to remedy the situation.

A fellow camper bowls up to Elle and in conversation declares that he’s been to 83 countries! I don’t think he realises that most caravanners are travel addicts who’ve long given up counting.

13 thoughts on “Banned on the Run, Day 72 – Nuts!

  1. We have been getting those cancellation messages from NRMA and RACV Parks, but have to cop it because we have not left the Mornington Peninsula, were stuck in Dans Land.


    1. We were speaking with a publican the other day and he mentioned that although things sound stable in NSW the rules do change and they have to keep rearranging the machines in the gaming room. A little more difficult than tables in the dining room.


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