Banned on the Run, Architecture of Coraki

Aug 2020, Coraki, NSW

Before we leave Coraki I’d like to take you on a short walk around the town. A walk to appreciate the variety of buildings that tell of the history and the climate of this pleasant place.

Police Station, Coraki, NSW
The now closed Club Hotel, Coraki. Wanna buy a pub? Its up for sale.
An unusual style of home for this region, possibly belonging to the Catholic Church next door
Post Office and residence, Coraki
Post Office veranda, Coraki
A private home with latticed veranda
In a prior life The London Bank of Australia, Coraki

7 thoughts on “Banned on the Run, Architecture of Coraki

      1. Ha, settle petal. I’ve been trying to sketch that post office verandah for many nights now and I’m scratching my head as to how to do all those peeling pickets. And before you ask, I won’t be posting the results anytime soon. It’s doing my head in!

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