Banned on the Run, Days 78 & 79 – Blue jobs

Aug 2020, Darlington Beach, NSW

Woody and El Prado play bowls. I walk the beach down to Arrawarra Creek it seems easy but the return with a head wind totally does me in. The sea sparkles and there’s a perfect wave curl.

Arrawarra Creek

Still experimenting with the pie maker Elle roasts potatoes. Our pie maker is going to be a fixture on our van from now on.

I speak with a friend at home, she has just lost a close friend to Covid 19.

We have walks around the park and the retirement village. We’re all walking more here.

Woody left a bag of stale bread on the outside table last night and this morning there was only a torn bag, a few crumbs and a pile of roo poo.

We watch a younger couple walk hand in hand to the dump point. Carrying that toilet cassette together there’s love in their eyes. Carefully, he shows her how to use the dump point and empty their waste. Elle and I just want to shout “Don’t do it! Don’t do it! Don’t you know that’s a blue job!”

Victorian Covid cases have dropped to 113.

I see he’s been trained well, it’s a blue job!

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