Banned on the Run, Days 80 & 81 – A surprise guest at happy hour

Aug 2020, Darlington Beach, NSW

Elle bakes potato based tarts in her pie maker. She squashes potato gems in the bottom before adding salami, cheese and an egg. And I thought she was crazy bringing her pie maker! I’m eating my words and her pies!


The park is busy with weekend families so the kangaroos move in to spend the afternoon around us quiet folk.

About 9:00pm a loud thump shakes the van. A quick look outside reveals nothing but a mob of grazing kangaroos.

Another day of relaxing. El Prado spots a large whale off Woolgoolga.

I find a sketching instruction book online and spend the afternoon drawing an en-suite. Loving this urban sketching caper. There’s a pretty good chance that I’m the only person in this park drawing the toilets.

Darlington Dunnies are cute

We sit outside until dark it is much milder tonight. A young kangaroo comes around searching for food and sits between us, we are speechless.

Kangaroo 098, we’ve called him Kevin

7 thoughts on “Banned on the Run, Days 80 & 81 – A surprise guest at happy hour

  1. If they have to tag the wildlife I wish they’d give them more attractive earrings, those plastic monstrosities are SO agricultural. Maybe Kevin doesn’t care but I’m sure Kylie is unimpressed.
    They could give them an unobtrusive microchip. 🙂


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