Banned on the Run, Day 83 – Not the big lap

Day 83 Tuesday 1/9/20 Darlington Beach

Our motor home neighbour corners the boys and talks incessantly barely taking a breath, Woody is pleased that he can’t hear much of the conversation. The story goes that he bought the motor home for his wife’s birthday and he wants to spend two years doing the big lap. They’re only a few days from home and already she wants to return to her stressful job. I wonder why?

We return to Earworx for another wax removal treatment and hear the good news that a GP visit will not be required. A wax film on Woody’s ear drums will necessitate 2 drops of olive oil each week for a month. Then monthly from there on. It will take time. Didn’t VeeWee suggest olive oil back at Wooli a month or more ago?

Just checking the washing darl.

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