Banned on the Run, Day 84 – Making plans

Day 84 Wednesday 2/9/20 Darlington Beach, pleasant 21

We’ve decided that we’ll extend another week here as it is so relaxing. We’ll book the following week at Urunga, just south of Coffs before heading for home. Lockdown Stage 4 should be over by then. To our dismay Urunga is booked out but we manage to secure sites at Mylestom on the opposite side of the river.

Kevin kangaroo is becoming a regular visitor at happy hour, no doubt hoping for a nibble. The Prado’s roast a piece of beef on the Weber. We eat under the awning, it’s a warm evening and while we eat dinner a mob of kangaroos graze beside us.

Once more there is anticipation of a Victorian announcement, will Stage 4 continue or will they drop back to a lesser Stage 3? The Prime Minister, Scottie from Marketing, is getting anxious to get the economy moving and end border closures. Victoria accounts for roughly 25% of the nation’s economy.

I find myself singing “Welcome to Hotel Victoria…you can check out anytime you want, but you can never leave…”

Sitting for his portrait

8 thoughts on “Banned on the Run, Day 84 – Making plans

  1. Melbourne restrictions eased a bit on 27/9. You can probably get back in, but are you sure you want to? Still very restricted movement about and very little ability to socialize… least here in the regions, things are more relaxed.


  2. Sounds idealic with the mob grazing nearby. You’ve successfully planted Hotel Victoria in my head. I’ll be cursing you by the days end, or at least Paul will be – my singing voice is woeful!


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