Banned on the Run, Day 87 – Watching & waiting

Day 87 Saturday 5/9/20 Darlington Beach, thunderstorms

VeeWee is slowly heading south. Double or Nuthin’ and Shirley Temple have found another paradise on a farm stay near Ingham and R&T are still fattening up that turkey in Hervey Bay.

We wait in anticipation of what we’ll be going home to – the Victorian Premier will be announcing his plans tomorrow – either an extension of Stage 4 or an easing.

We have another delightful morning. Do these locals know how good their climate is?

As I write this a kangaroo sprawls on the lawn just a few metres away. I’m sweating from an early paddle on the beach in impossibly bright sunshine. It’s 10 degrees colder at home.

Late in the afternoon a storm moves in with slashes of lightning. It rains for most of the night.

We have such quiet neighbours

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