Banned on the Run, Day 88 – It’s a ?

Day 88 Sunday 6/9/20 Darlington Beach

A warm soggy morning.

Our plover family have a success! A little bundle of fluff pops out from under Mum or Dad as The Prado’s watch on. We spend the afternoon watching the chick find its legs and stagger about as a young Joey hops in ever widening circles honing his bounding skills. And the sex of the chick? Heaven knows we still haven’t worked out which parent is which! If only Toothless was here, he loves birds so much… he’d be stomping about shouting “Vermin, bloody vermin.”

Backed by Melbourne University projections the Victorian Premier announces a delay in opening up. Stage 4 restrictions will continue at least for another two weeks as the daily case toll is still too high.

We’ll head for home at the end of next week to get Woody’s ears checked by our own GP as there is no improvement and he is very frustrated.

The plover family, the chick with Mum and Dad or is it Dad and Mum?

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