Banned on the Run, Day 92 – A bit of a shock

Day 92 Thursday 10/9/20 Darlington Beach, wet lorikeets huddle under our table, 25mm 17 degrees

It rains all night, plop, plop, plop. During breakfast the TV suddenly goes off. No it’s not a drop in signal, the espresso machine is off too, damn! The lights of course are still on but they run on the 12 volt system. We check fuses, the park power box, then our lead. The power lead is burnt out and so too is our van power point. We call a caravan electrical guy in Coffs Harbour but he is not licensed for this problem. They recommend Reg Letter Electrical and their guys are here within two hours. They fit a new van connection, replace our 15 amp lead and repair our old one.

Elle goes for a haircut and El Prado tags along for a sneaky pie. We buy beef in Woopi Woolgoolga and cook a beef stew. Isn’t it funny how a little rain makes you long for comfort food. We all huddle in our oven warmed van while dinner cooks. Good company, a warm caravan, a pot of stew and a few bottles of red. What more could one want? Oh, and electricity!

Erk! Burnt to a crisp.

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