Banned on the Run, Day 93 – Roo poo & Duck’s muck

Day 93 Friday 11/8/20 Darlington Beach, warm cool wet dry 17

It’s washing day and a mob of kangaroos lounge outside the laundry. Some have made dust nests in the flower bed. They’re a treat to watch as I wait for the dryer to finish, what with little heads peeping out of warm furry pouches.

We manage to squeeze a lunch into our busy day, down at the Woopi Seaview Tavern. Because we wouldn’t be able to do this at home we feel like kids wagging school. Afterwards we pop across the road to John’s Indian grocery for a box of poha. What’s poha? You may ask. It’s flakes of flattened rice which to anyone on a FODMAP diet tastes delicious for breakfast when mixed with dried cranberries, pepitas and a few nuts. So why buy it in Woolgoolga? Well I’m a bit worried about getting back to Melbourne and being restricted to a 5km limit from home and our nearest stockist is just outside that limit. It’s a case of grab it when you see it. Another 14 bags of poha should have brekkie sorted until Xmas. But of course John is a super salesman and can make you happy about emptying your wallet so before we know it we’ve all been lured into the shop and we’re waving tubs of curry paste and laughing at his jokes. At the same time a barefoot young bloke is a fixing a boom box to the wall and sitar music is playing. Welcome to Bollywood shopping.

Back at camp the park has filled with young families again. Is it Friday again?

All tucked up and warm.

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